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This was the problem: finding a method to solve nearly all problems.

Those that pop up in our heads, perhaps while we are suspended in the subway between family and work, and those that await us at home or in the office. It doesn’t matter how big they are. when you have a problem, you have only two choices: ignore it or solve it.

For two years we have studied the brightest solutions conceived by men and women in different fields. We continued to read, to inform ourselves, to ask questions, to listen and, above all, to make our own mistakes. What are the ingredients of a solution? The list is a long one, but it surely does not contain two items: genius and chance.



Yes. There are 3 precise laws that lead you from the problem to the solution.

Just like the “moves” that allow you to recompose the Rubik’s Cube. 3 simple and powerful laws that we will share with you.
But if the resolved problem involves other people, here is the bigger problem: sharing our solution with the others, who, in their turn, have different solutions.

And this also happens in the mathematical field between colleagues who communicate through numbers!

Thanks to negotiation techniques, you can attain an incredible result: a new and improved solution than the “individual” one.

Negotiating means not seeing yourself and the other as “counterparties” but as indispensable elements for a truly winning solution. Recognizing the real problem.

Connecting different (and often scarce) resources. Resolving them. And negotiating our solution with the others. Is there a verb that expresses the entire process?
We are sure there is, and it is this: Intelligere. 


The hard-copy magazine Intelligere and this web space were created for sharing ideas, experiences and solutions. Its contents are transversal: from cinema to literature, by way of architecture, sport, finance and travel. Particular attention is paid to interviews: concentrating on the experiences rather than the fame of the characters. We also set ourselves concrete rules for putting our negotiating aptitude into practice, in our professional and family lives.
The magazine is merely the hard-copy expression of the Intelligere project.

Our goal is to create effective relations between people who think and act in differing economic contexts.

The magazine is a place for reflection and intellectual knowledge.

This site, though, will allow us to stay “connected” during the three months separating each issue of the magazine.

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