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Sailing is an excellent metaphor for life.

Calm harbors and a full hold. Mistaken courses that lead to new discoveries. Stormy night seas. And the clear skies of the quiet crossing.

Faithful traveling companions. But also illegal immigrants disguised as sailors. Shipwreck and salvation. Resting and setting off again. Melancholy of abandonment.

And joy on returning to land. Desire to return to sea.

Unknown faces and familiar faces. Trimming the sails to the rhythm of an often-unpredictable wind. All around, ancient instruments that reassure and, suddenly, strange objects to decipher. The astrolabe was replaced by the sextant. The compass by the GPS. The dull throb of the engine overwhelms the rustle of the sails. You have to negotiate with yourself. With nature.

With our crew, who, in turn, must negotiate with the crews of other ships …

In all this, the ability to be “intelligent”, that is, capable of connecting different resources, is essential. That is why we have chosen the Yacht as a metaphor for negotiating life. Not because we are aimed at wealthy individuals, but at people rich in intelligence.

The editorial frame of Intelligere reflects the graphic metaphor of this Yacht.



There are 4 decks, and we explain why we have
chosen the Yacht as a metaphor for negotiating life.

Deck 1 Me:


dedicated to our personal
and most intimate sphere

Deck 4 My Next Deck:


The deck each of us would like to add, in addition to those already presented.

Common Goods Shopping Corner:


The place where we go “shopping” among the shelves and the areas of the resources before reaching the Negotiation Room.

My Self Lift


The elevator that connects us between the decks of our goals and the resources available to us. It allows us to reach all parts of the ship. Its effectiveness depends on our ability to “connect”.

The arrow that indicates Goals and Resources is bidirectional.

This has two meanings:

1. A goal may also be a resource at the same time (for example, the family)

2. Reconquering a lost resource can become a goal (for example, work)

The list in the grid on the right (Knowledge, Money, Emotions…) is merely our proposal of macro-areas, which can always be modified. The list on the right of the grid (play, home, holidays…) is also “open”, and so the last item is “other”.
The bidirectional arrow beside it means that the various areas can move among the different macro-areas in the grid.

For example, “play” can be expressed in the “Money”, “Time” and “Knowledge” macro-areas.


They get rid of the usual points of reference, finding new ones!

They get rid of the usual points of reference, finding new ones!

The Negotiation Room is where the connection is made between the different goals/resources: for example: Me and the Family, with the goal of choosing a holiday destination, reasoning about the common resources of Time, Money and Knowledge.
The highest point of our Yacht is the Balance Bridge: the point of equilibrium, never permanent, that is reached only through a continuous negotiating relationship.

Outside is the navigation area where our compass doesn’t work. Reference points change. Prejudices are not confirmed. Often, it is life that drives us to these spaces to explore.

Sometimes, though, only a courageous few decide of their own free will to venture there.

They get rid of the usual points of reference, finding new ones!

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